The Essence of Sufism by John Baldock

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    The Sufis have been using carefully constructed stories for teaching purposes for thousands of years. Though on the surface these often appear to be little more than fairy or folk tales the Sufis hold that they enshrine in their characters plots and imagery patterns and relationships that nurture a part of the mind not reachable in more conventional ways thus increasing our understanding flexibility and breadth of vision. Familiarization with this body of material can eventually provide answers to questions about our origins and our destiny. In this book John baldock explores the rich body of literature the sufis have produced to guide spiritual travellers. While explaining the significant teachings and emphasizing their significance for us he sheds a timely light on the sufis’ fascinating perception of life revealing it to be a process of the heart and not of the head and offers intriguing pathways to further study and reflection.

    Publisher: Arcturus publishing limited.
    Publication date: 15, 07, 2017


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    About The Author

    John Baldock is a bestselling religious studies author. Having long held a fascination with eastern religions and their influence on western values lifestyles and ideals. John has now distilled his vast knowledge into this accessible and informative volume.

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