Abdullah Dough Kneader Machine

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    • 3.5 kg Wet Flour Capacity (after Kneading).
    • 2.2 kg Dry Flour Capacity (before Kneading).
    • Removable Stainless Steel Bowl, easy to wash.
    • ABS Plastic Body, Rust Proof Food Grade Material.
    • with Metal Blade for Dough Mixing, Plastic Blade for Mince Mixing.
    • Can knead any type of dough for Roti, Chappati, Puri, Bread, Pizzas, etc.
    • Can knead dough of 2 - 26 roties etc. at once.
    • Can be used to MIX minced meat for kababs etc.
    • with Automatic Switch Off System.
    • Makes dough in 3 minutes only, Timer up to 5 minutes.
    • Motor comes with a thermal and overload protector.
    • Electrically protected by Rubber Seals.
    • Pure Copper Winding, CE Certified.
    • Beautiful Design, User Friendly, Reliable, Energy Efficient.
    • High Quality.
    • Free Home Delivery.
    • Delivery in 2 to 4 working days.

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      ABDULLAH brand is the pioneer of manufacturing Dough Kneaders since 1958 and they are very popular worldwide. Heavy Duty, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Design, Easy of Use, Brand Warranty, etc. are the features that make this Dough Kneader stand out from competition.

      For Best Results:
    • Put Dry Flour in the Steel Bowl.
    • Add some Salt (according to your taste)
    • Pour about a Tablespoon of Oil (so that flour does not stick to bowl).
    • Set the timer according to your need (about 3 to 5 minutes).
    • Do not Pour water initially directly with dry flour in the bowl.
    • Only pour from above when the lid is closed. The Lid has 4 small holes through which water will go down in the bowl slowly. If you pour high volume of water directly inside the steel bowl with the dry flour then the water may leak out.

    • Dough Mixer Machine is the main equipment of pasta food processing, it can mix wheat flour and water with the ratio of 1:0.38-0.45 into dough according to the user’s requirements (add edible oil, sugar and other food additives sometimes), it is widely used for Dining Hall, restaurant and dough food processing factory for mixing dough. It reduces the manual operation of dough kneading, reduces the labor intensity, meets the food hygiene requirements. It also can be used for stirring and mixing similar materials. It is the ideal equipment for food processing.

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