English Translation of Musnad Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (3 Volumes) by Nasiruddin Al-Khattab

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    • Author: Nasiruddin Al-Khattab.
    • Publisher: Darussalam.
    • Pages: 603.

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    • The inspiration of Darussalam came to Mr. Abdul Malik Mujahid when he read about the largest publishing institute of Lebanon which was owned by a non-Muslim and worked for the propagation of their religion. Mr. Abdul Malik Mujahid also realized that the books on Islam published in the past contained many academic mistakes and shortcomings of production. In view of this situation an institute for the printing and publication of academic and research works was founded by the name of Darussalam. Established in 1986, this institute has so far established its publication centers in many countries of the world. It has the distinction that a large team of eminent scholars and researchers is engaged in the preparation and supervision of the academic plans of this institute.[2] Initially Darussalam’s aim was to print an authentic Arabic text of the Quran, its translation in different languages, and publication of brief commentaries and marginal notes on it. These publications have been received with positive reception at the international level. King Fahad established a permanent system for the publications of Darussalam’s 'Tafsir Ahsan ul Bayan' (which comprises translation and marginal notes on the Quran) and 'The Noble Quran’ in millions and their distribution in the world of Islam. English translation of the most popular commentary on the Quran (Tafsir ibn Kathir) has been completed and its translation into other modern languages is in progress. Similarly in the realm of Hadith, its publications have been admired by scholars and specialists on the subject. Darussalam has also taken up the task of publishing the accurate texts of Hadith along will full reference to the relevant authorities. Sahih al-Bukhari has been printed from Italy and has finest level of printing. Darussalam has also combined the Sihah Sitta (The Six Authentic Books of Ahadith) in one volume. Sihah Sitta has also been translated English, French, German Spanish, Persian and Urdu.
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