A Vietnam War Reader by Micheal Hunt

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    • An essential new resource for students and teachers of the Vietnam War, this concise collection of primary sources opens a valuable window on an extraordinarily complex conflict. 

      The materials gathered here, from both the American and Vietnamese sides, remind readers that the conflict touched the lives of many people in a wide range of social and political situations and spanned a good deal more time than the decade of direct U.S. combat. Indeed, the U.S. war was but one phase in a string of conflicts that varied significantly in character and geography. Michael Hunt brings together the views of the conflict’s disparate players—from Communist leaders, Vietnamese peasants, Saigon loyalists, and North Vietnamese soldiers to U.S. policymakers, soldiers, and critics of the war. By allowing the participants to speak, this volume encourages readers to formulate their own historically grounded understanding of a still controversial struggle.

    • Publication date: 02/15/2010.
    • Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press.

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    About the Author:

    Michael H. Hunt is Everett H. Emerson Professor of History Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His ten books include The American Ascendancy: How the United States Gained and Wielded Global Dominance.

    Editorial Reviews:

    An excellent selection of primary sources.—The VVA Veteran.

    The book is highly recommended not only for historians and students but for anyone who wants to understand the Vietnam War and its aftermath.—Journal of America's Military Past".

    Hunt has put together a first-rate collection of documents. His editorial comments are most helpful and illustrate his broad knowledge of the war in Vietnam. He succeeds in his goal of illustrating the various perspectives of the conflict. . . . Will be a real eye-opener for anyone interested in learning how the Americans and Vietnamese went to war with one another, the nature and impact of the fighting, and the long-term consequences of the conflict on both sides.—HistoryNet.com

    An excellent source for anyone seeking to learn about this conflict at a very personal level. If the Vietnam War ever needed "a portrait," i.e., a human face, Hunt paints it." —On Point

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