1. August 25, 2022

    How To Connect Wireless Speakers To TV?

    When you buy corded speakers, it's a complete mess of wires. The brands have manufactured Bluetooth speakers for wireless connectivity to eliminate such problems. Such speakers have made people's lives easier and more convenient.

    Can I Add Wireless Speakers to My TV?

    Yes, wireless speakers can be connected to a TV with a Bluetooth Transmitter. Most Bluetooth Transmitters connect to a Television with a 3.5mm headphone jack or component audio output ports. They then Pair to Bluetooth speakers playing the TVs sound wirelessly.

    Connection of wireless speaker to the TV

    You can connect them with multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Commonly, such speakers consist of two separate speakers paired with a wireless transmitter. When you pair them with your TV, the transmitter sends the audio signals to both speakers. This short guide

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  2. August 25, 2022

    How To Connect Smartwatch With Mobile?

    Smartwatches work while connecting to smartphones. The people who use smartphones can easily understand the system of a smartwatch. Many people avoid using smartwatches because they have failed to connect smartwatches to their smartphones. So, do not panic, remember! Whether your smartphone is android or apple, you can connect smartwatches to your smartphone. We are here to help you connect smartwatches to your phones by giving you detailed connection methods. Be sure to use the methods which are easy for you. So in this article, we will see how to connect a smartwatch with a mobile.

    Mode 1: Elemental Pairing Via Bluetooth

    It is a basic way to connect the smartwatch to your android mobile. Therefore, you all need to turn on the Bluetooth and follow the below steps.

    Step 1: Turn On The Bluetooth Of Your Mobile

    First, you have to turn

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  3. May 14, 2022

    Top 10 E-commerce stores in Pakistan

    Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows customers to directly buy goods and services from a vendor over the internet using a web browser.

    The range of e-commerce is increasing in Pakistan day by day. And Pakistan is currently the second largest e-commerce market in South-Asia.There are around 30,000 sellers offering thousands of products in Pakistan.

    67% of the consumers now reported that they shop differently after lockdown and now prefer online platforms.

    20% to 30% business shifts to online in the world and Pakistan contribute 45% growth in rate of world.

    Here is the list of top 10 online shopping stores in terms of reliable products, customer friendly and great deal of verity in products.

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  4. April 06, 2022

    Types of Heaters & What Things You Must Look Before Buying Heaters Online

    Heaters in Pakistan are essential, especially in the northern areas of Pakistan. People live in northern areas their lives depend upon warm temperatures because they have extremely cold weather approximately every month. It became a great challenge to live in a cold place so those heaters become a need for the citizen. The citizens can easily get it online in Pakistan.

    Winters are now on the way to strike our country. To keep safe ourselves from this windy winter the electric heater is now greatly reliable is replacing combustible heaters. The electric heater is a safety and life-saver. So you can enjoy warm and healthy winter. There are numerous kinds of heaters like a kerosene heater, electric heater, non-electric heater, natural gas heater, radiant heater, wood-burning space heater. The wood-burning space heater is used in old ages and time taking but now these new categories are safe and with the less

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  5. September 23, 2019

    Maulana Maududi: A Brief Biography

    Syed Abul A'ala Maududi (Urdu: سید ابو الاعلىٰ مودودی – alternative spellings of last name Maudoodi and Modudi) (September 25, 1903 – September 22, 1979), also known as Molana (Maulana) or Shaikh Syed Abul A'ala Mawdudi, was a Sunni Pakistani journalist, theologian, Muslim revivalist leader and political philosopher, and a major 20th century Islamist thinker. He was also a prominent political figure in Pakistan and was the first recipient of King Faisal International Award for his services to Islam in 1979. He was also the founder of Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic revivalist party.

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  6. July 02, 2019


    If you want to visit the town of Baarle, head on over to northern Belgium … or the southern tip of the Netherlands.

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  7. July 02, 2019

    Tissue Paper Key Truck

    آج سے چند برس قبل ملک کے ایک نامور سیاستدان کو اپنے بچوں کے لیے کسی ایسی کتاب کی تلاش تھی جو بچوں کی کردار سازی، علم اور ذہانت میں اضافہ کر سکے- وہ میرے پاس تشریف لائے اور فرمایا، ’’کوئی ایک ایسی کتاب بتا دیں جس میں تمام خوبیاں ہوں‘‘ میں نے کاغذ کا ایک ٹکڑا لیا اور اس پر’’ تاریخ فرشتہ‘‘ لکھ کر ان کے حوالے کر دیا، وہ ملک کے لاکھوں لوگوں کی طرح ’’تاریخ فرشتہ‘‘ سے واقف نہیں تھے. انھوں نے پوچھا ’’کیا یہ کوئی روحانی یا دینی کتاب ہے‘‘، میں نے عرض کیا ’’جی نہیں، یہ ہندوستان کی مسلم تاریخ کا آئینہ ہے، پاکستان کے ہر سیاستدان، ہر جرنیل اور ہربیوروکریٹ کو یہ کتاب ضرور پڑھنی چاہیے تا کہ یہ تاریخ کی وہ غلطیاں نہ دہرا سکیں جن کامطالعہ یہ سرزمین سیکڑوں سال سے کر رہی ہے‘.

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  8. July 02, 2019

    Earth in 2100: A Look into the Future

    The world has gone through tremendous changes over the centuries. Let’s take a look at some of the areas where the developments have been pivotal in shaping the world to what it is today. The developments in these very areas can be helpful in predicting what the next century is bringing to our future generations.

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  9. July 02, 2019


    A good book can mean various things…to many it is a treasure. A good book to me would mean that I wouldn’t want to put it down till I’ve discovered the ending! Such is my experience with ‘Eragon’.

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  10. July 02, 2019


    There are moments so well-spent, that they never fade away from the attic of one’s memories. Such was the experience of IJSO 2017 at the Netherlands. Ten days of learning, observing, analysing and entertainment, all combined together made each moment worth spending.

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